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Unearthing stories.

We exist to produce real stories that engage and compel audiences.

Our producers are behind some of Australia's most successful podcasts.

Your story matters and how you tell it matters even more.

Learn how we create and motivate through storytelling, enriched narrative and discovery. 

For brands.

We find new ways to motivate audiences to experience a brand in a different way, to gain a greater understanding of what is at the core of the offering. 


We transform written values into meaningful stories that audiences and customers can connect and relate to. 


And we enjoy the journey.    

Podcast Creation.

We are independent and determined to connect brands and individuals with the tools, resources and muscle to create high quality and engaging Podcasts.


We are genuinely interested in creating compelling stories.

Our team has worked in all aspects of the media and understands the wants and needs of audiences. 

We enjoy the work and we think you will enjoy working with us too.

Be inspired. Then let us do the rest.

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Your 8 week 

Baseline Program.

We want to pass on the secrets.

Meshel Laurie, together with her team of experts, has developed the Smart Fella Baseline Program to provide a step by step 8 week program that will transform your idea into a dedicated and sharable professional grade Podcast.

With Meshel with you every step of the way, discover the story, create the narrative, drive the impact and uncover the real story.

Visit the Smart Fella Baseline Program to learn more.

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