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Matthew Hardy

Co-Founder and Talent Lead

Matthew Hardy has brought some of Australia’s most successful podcasts to live audiences including Australian True Crime and Too Peas in a Podcast. His career as a writer, performer, and producer of live theatre, television and radio in Australia and Europe spans 30 years.


“There’s never been a better time to be a storyteller than right now. The audience is hungry for diverse content and the means to create it is literally in everyone’s pocket. In a world of endless options though, great content made well will always stand out.”

Meshel Laurie

Co-Founder and Director

Meshel Laurie is behind some of Australia's leading and highly rated Podcast productions. As well working in TV and radio, Meshel is a columnist and accomplished author. Meshel is known for putting her heart and soul into improving, every day. Smart Fella Media was a long time coming.


"People were always contacting me asking me how they can tell their own story. Now I am so happy that we have created a really good program that is really worthwhile for people. It empowers them to tell stories. With great audio."